About the Conference


[email protected] is a scientific conference co-organised by the Oxford University Malaysia Club and Scientific Malaysian. The conference consists of a series of panel discussions and an exhibition to be held at the Examination Schools, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.


  • To highlight the efforts by the Malaysian government in advancing science and technology in the nation
  • To highlight career opportunities in the field of science and technology in Malaysia (in academia, industry or governmental agencies)
  • To provide a platform for Malaysian scientific communities abroad to provide their input towards nation building and other ways for them to contribute to the nation from abroad
  • To promote research collaborations and knowledge-sharing among the scientific communities in Malaysia and abroad
  • To inspire and provide guidance to early stage researchers

Target participants

  • Malaysian scientists abroad, particularly in the UK and Europe
  • Malaysian undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK and Europe
  • Non-Malaysians interested in working in the field of science and technology in Malaysia