Dr Stuart Kewley

Dr Stuart Kewley is the Chairman and co-founder of The Eurasia Consortium. He holds an MSc from the Queen’s University Belfast, as well as an MPhil and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Since co-founding Eurasia in 2009, Stuart has grown the business from one UK based firm to four limited companies around the world. In 2010, Stuart created Eurasia Educational Dynamics (EED) Ltd one of the Consortium’s companies tasked with delivery of its Continual Professional Development business. In 2011, he diversified the business into technology transfer (in conjunction with Oxford University’s Isis Innovation) and developed an investment profile. In 2011, The Isis-Eurasia partnership won a million euro contract with Russian Federal and Regional government agencies to help with the commercialisation of Russian technology.

In 2012, Stuart took the Eurasia Consortium into Middle East and opened its South East Asian regional hub office in Kuala Lumpur; The Eurasia Consortium Malaysia (TECM). In 2012, Stuart was instrumental in securing for TECM projects from the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) of Malaysia and, in conjunction with Isis, winning a significant technology related contract in the LED SSL sector from the government agency the SME Corp.

Stuart is passionate about growth acceleration of businesses and devising both successful and sustainable market penetration strategies in often difficult emergent markets. In 2013, Stuart reworked Eurasia’s China strategy and lead Eurasia’s re-entry into the Chinese market.

Source: http://www.eurasia-eu.com/#!principles/c243u